Tales of ordinary people in extremis (accidental death, infanticide, random violence, suicide, debt, torture, terrorist attacks) are Kelly’s thing; tense, dramatic stories that are both harrowing and funny.

It’s this combination of brutality, tension and comedy that Kelly draws together in original six-part Channel Four drama Utopia. Set in an alternative present where a food shortage is beginning to threaten the West and a shady conspiracy infiltrates the lives of previously unrelated people, Utopia’s title follows in the grand ironic tradition of Huxley’s Brave New World, and Swift’s A Modest Proposal. This is nobody’s vision of a perfect world.

Utopia - Episode 1 Spoiler-Free Review

You guys, just watch Utopia and Black Mirror. Just do it.


Ye gods, Tunnock’s tea cakes! <3


Photographer Sophie Gerrard, who photographed Fuchsia Dunlop’s James Beard award-winning article Dick Soup, recently took a visit to to the Tunnock’s factory in Uddingston, Scotland. Check out this piece in The Telegraph for a delightful look into the world of Tunnock’s Tea Cakes, Caramel Wafers, Snowballs, Caramel Logs, and Wafter Creams, and learn what all these things mean to the good people of Scotland.